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Our Services

Electrical Contracting

Our electrical contracting services is available in every area where electrical energy is. It covers all services such as low voltage, medium voltage, weak current systems, electrical installation, busbar energy distribution systems, UPS systems, transformer and generator systems, energy solutions and project designs.

Mechanical Contracting

Our mechanical contracting services includes all services such as heating-cooling and ventilation systems, plumbing, fire extinguishing systems, utility and drinking water systems, central heating-cooling systems, waste water and waste water recovery systems and lines, sewage treatment systems.

Weak Current

Our weak current services covers all services such as; fire detection systems, emergency announcement systems, CCTV video monitoring and recording systems, SMATV and IPTV systems, access controlled security systems (Card Pass), data and telephone systems, mechanical automations, lighting automations, energy scada systems.

Professional AV

Our professional audio and video services covers the entire range of digital acoustic calculations, project designs, consultancy, selection and supply of audio and video equipments with appropriate features in many areas from meeting rooms to performance stages.

Need support on your projects?

Reach us and we will provide you with the right support with our consultancy services.