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About Us

HBA Muhandis was established in 2023 within the framework of its founders’ years of industry experience, knowledge and customer satisfaction.

By closely following the latest technology developments in the sector; We provide the most accurate engineering services from the beginning to the end of the project, taking into account the principles of legal regulations, environmental awareness, occupational health and employer satisfaction.

Our company offers professional solutions to its customers in many fields such as electrical contracting services, mechanical contracting services, weak current systems, professional audio and video systems, automation systems.

In order to provide solutions to customers’ problems and requests, we blend our knowledge and experience with the quality of the world’s leading brands, so we  can shape the most accurate projects/systems and present them to our customers.





We offer solutions not only in Uzbekistan but also on a global scale with our educated and professional staff who have carried out many projects at Turkey and abroad.

All of our projects are working in accordance with world standards. In addition, all of our projects are studied in accordance with the special laws and regulations of local governments during the time. In this way, we offer all our projects to our customers as from start to finish, without any worries of legal or any other matter.

Need support on your projects?

Reach us and we will provide you with the right support with our consultancy services.