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Water Treatment Chemicals

Aquamatch provides its own chemicals for RO plants and Industrial Systems to achieve optimum efficiency and smooth operation with a minimum operating cost.
Through the use of chemicals Aquamatch aims to maximize production and minimize environmental footprint. With years long experience in chemicals conditioning field Aquamatch provide sthe best optimization for water savings.


RO Chemicals;
– Antiscalants
– Biocides
– RO Cleaning Chemicals

By using Aquamatch RO chemicals, you can lower operating costs and improve system performance as well as recovery. Plus, using suitable chemicals extends membrane lifetime and decreases maintenance requirement. These enhancements result in more production.

Industrial Chemicals; 
– Cooling Water Treatment (Deposits and Corrosion Inhibitors & Scale Inhibitors)
– Boiler Treatment (Oxygen Scavenger, Scale Inhibitors, Condensate Corrosion Inhibitors)
– Closed system treatment (Deposits and Corrosion Inhibitors)

Selection of suitable chemicals is the most essential part of water conditioning for Industrial systems like Boiler, Closed Systems, and Cooling water systems. Aquamatch provides the best quality chemicals with its own experience and site service supports to his industrial clients.

Aquamatch’s industrial chemicals ensure safe and reliable operation along with water & energy savings



* RO(Reverse Osmosis)

*** The information here is not definitive and is for informational purposes only. For exact information, please visit the manufacturer’s website.