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VAX-H Axial Fans with Casing

  • Full size from Ø 400 mm to Ø 1.400 mm diameter
  • Hot dip galvanized sheet metal fan casing and galvanized sheet outer casing
  • Cast aluminum adjustable blade angle impellers
  • Aerodynamic profiled impellers allow high efficiency and low noise
  • Die cast aluminum alloy fan hubs
  • Optimum capacity obtained by different blade-hub combinations besides adjustable blade angels
  • 50 mm rock wool insulation
  • IP 67 terminal box is placed out of the outer casing
  • Electrical motors with IP 55 and F class insulation
  • 230V, 1 phase, 50 Hz and 380V, 3 phase, 50 Hz

*** The information here is not definitive and is for informational purposes only. For exact information, please visit the manufacturer’s website.