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Single-Dual Coil Water Heater

  • Capacity between 100 lt-3000 lt (single coil)
  • Capacity between 160 lt-3000 lt (Dual coil)
  • Hygienic thanks to double layer enamel coating over surfaces contacting water
  • 50 mm Polyurethane insulation from 100 lt to 600 lt; special sponge insulation from 800lt to 3000 lt
  • Electrostatic dust painted sheath over galvanized sheet from 100 lt to 600 lt; special winlex sheath from 800 lt to 3000 lt
  • Cathodic protection
  • High efficiency
  • Optional electrical resistance
  • Aesthetic view
  • 10 bar operating pressure

*** The information here is not definitive and is for informational purposes only. For exact information, please visit the manufacturer’s website.