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Series TE Duct and Immersion Building Automation Temperature Sensor

The Series TE Duct and Immersion Temperature Sensor can be used to monitor air or water temperature throughout a building management system or an air handler unit. Flanged duct sensors monitor the supply or return air and provide a thermistor or RTD output to the digital controller. Immersion sensors which are supplied with compression fittings are typically used to monitor
the hot or chilled water lines throughout a building. Thermowells are recommended, but not required on the immersion sensors.
For variable air volume applications, the Series TE can be configured to have 8′ plenum rated cable with flying leads. Standard units come with 4″ leads with an integral terminal block to eliminate carrying extra wire nuts. For housing models, multiple knockouts provide easy conduit access to any side of the housing. The 1/4 turn lid comes with a chain to prevent it from being lost during installation.

*** The information here is not definitive and is for informational purposes only. For exact information, please visit the manufacturer’s website.