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Optimizer 6-Way

Pressure Independent Control Group


The Frese OPTIMIZER 6-way Pressure Independent Control Group provides complete pressure independent balancing and control for 4-pipe heating and cooling systems.

The Frese OPTIMIZER 6-way provides modulating control, which works independently of any variations in the differential pressure of the system.

The group consists of an OPTIMA Compact pressure independent control valve (PICV) with a 0-10V modulating actuator, a 6-way control valve with a rotating actuator and the Control Unit.

The Frese OPTIMIZER 6-way can be used in 4-pipe systems, such as:

  • Heating and cooling ceilings
  • Convectors
  • Decentralised ventilation units
  • Fan coil systems
  • Convection heating & cooling units

*** The information here is not definitive and is for informational purposes only. For exact information, please visit the manufacturer’s website.